A step back in time, elegance and tradition is what we hope you will experience when you indulge in our famous Modjeska.

Modjeskas. After just one, you’ll never dream of sugarplums again. What is a Modjeska? It’s a word that conjures up visions of supremacy, of mastery, of power. It sounds like magic; it tastes like heaven.

It’s not a word you’ll find in Webster’s dictionary; it’s the name of a Polish actress. Madame Helena Modjeska, famed queen of the European stage, appeared at the McCauley Theater in Louisville KY. Her appearance in 1883 was the U.S. debut of the play “A Doll’s House” written by Henrick Ibsen. Her theatrical performance was enthralling to a patron attending this debut, Mr. Anton Busath, owner of Busath Candies, who was honored by an introduction to the beautiful actress. He asked and was granted permission to name his confection after her. After Busath Candies closed in 1947, we began calling our “Caramel Biscuit” the “Modjeska” in honor of the creator, Anton Busath.

The Bauer family has a tradition of passing down the mastery of candy making through the years, generation after generation. Until Anna Bauer took ownership, the business had only been passed down to Bauer sons. Anna is the first daughter to own and operate Bauer’s Candies, Inc. “I’m proud to carry on the name, the tradition and the quality of the product we have. I am equally as proud to have two sons, Matt and Mike, that love the Company and its Legacy as much as I do who are committed to carrying the Bauer name into the 5th Generation.” Anna says. Under her stewardship, Bauer’s Candies, Inc. is a thriving, growing business, experiencing yet another cycle in its long history. The Modjeskas are shipped all over the United States and the rest of the world – to Canada, Budapest, China, even to a Lord and Lady every year in England.

Modjeskas are still made the old fashioned way with heavy, pure ingredients. No shortcuts are ever taken. “I wish I could hear what my father would say about the new factory and the direction we are taking. I know he would be proud”.